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Secure Internet Voting

Fast. Private. Verifiable.

Millions of people want to be able to vote from their phones.

Easy To Use

Voters can vote from their preferred device in seconds, without needing to install anything.

Quick Results

Ballots can be submitted, confirmed, and tallied instantly.


Voters can personally verify that their vote was counted correctly & recount all votes themselves.

Run a Secure Vote

Free and fair elections require strong privacy

SIV offers Multi-Party Encryption and strong Cryptographic
so that no one can see how anyone votes.

All while maintaining full auditability and verifiability.

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One Person,
One Vote

  • Voters can be authenticated by email, SMS, postal mail, drawn signatures, ID photos, or any preferred combination.
  • Voter Authentication Tokens can be re-issued or revoked as necessary.
  • The entire process creates a full audit trail for independent verification.

Powerful Election Verifiability

Unlike paper elections, SIV gives voters the ability to personally confirm their
own submission is counted correctly, and recount all results themselves.


An Additional Voting Option

SIV works alongside paper methods, so voters can use their preference.

  • In Person
  • By Mail
  • Online

Help bring Secure Internet VotingSIV to your area

Secure Internet Voting is now possible

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The Future of Voting

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